With today’s modern technology one would assume that the laundry tasks that are required for a household is one of the easier tasks, however, this is not always the case when you are busy, have no time, or have a lot of people living under one roof. When you consider that an average family probably has at least five loads of laundry and it takes about 45 minutes for each load to wash then approx. one hour to dry, this takes up a lot of valuable time. Then on top of this, there is the sorting time and the folding time. Overall this is a task that adds up in time. For this reason, alone many people throughout the UK are now taking advantage of laundry services. There are a couple of options for this.

In-House Laundry Services

This is a task that you could add to the list of responsibilities that you are assigning to your housekeeper if you are using their services. Or, you could opt to have this as a service that is provided by your house cleaning service.

Out of Home Laundry Services

If laundry is your main concern that you want to take care of, then you have a great opportunity to use one of the many companies that will come to your home and pick up your laundry. They will then take this to their facilities where they will launder then fold your items and return them to you. This is the ultimate convenient way of having your laundry chores taken care of. You are able to book these services with some companies by easily accessing their app. Others you can arrange a contract with so your laundry services are being provided on a routine basis.

If you feel that you are spending money unnecessarily for this type of household service think about not only the time you are saving but the water and energy savings by not having to use your own laundry appliances.